Saturday, July 20, 2013


There`s something I must confess to you. I`m an addict. Well, a jewel junkie! Obsessed by the stuff and a tiny bit of the collectionaire even I dare say. Just got the replica of Jacqueline Kennedys starburst pin I wanted for some years. By Franklin Mint.

In this picture Jackie Kennedy wears this eighteenth-century diamond starburst-pin as a tiara-like ornament in her hair. Look, how ultra stylish she was! Jackie discovered the pin at Wartski`s, the London jeweler, during her trip there. She usually wore this pin on the bodice or waistline of an evening gown. By the way, anyone who likes Jackie, her  style and her way of living, could from time to time visit Stellarium Style. I`m going to write about Jackie soon and again. 

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