Monday, November 25, 2013


Starting this November, my life is enriched by an exciting adventure – I’m called to be the style ambassador by Lindex and will be bringing you news about what there is in their line of products that speaks to me, thrills me and excites me. 

 The subject of my first post is "An Evening At The Theatre". I love visiting the theatre in dark autumn and cold winter nights. Perhaps the connection between winter and the theatre is so strong in my mind because I remember my first ever visit to the theatre because of the first snow. I came from the Drama Theatre with my parents and the streets were white. 

For me, my preparations – choosing a beautiful dress, shoes and fancy accessories – is an integral part of an evening in the theatre. One can’t go without red lips, dramatic nails and light perfume. In other words, going to the theatre is a celebration! And here, before you, is my first choice from Lindex. Have a look at the Lindex web store HERE

Sunday, November 10, 2013


PHOTO: Meisi Volt

... try, for every 20 e-mails you send, to write a letter, an old-fashioned letter, and post it!

... walk more. It simply feels great.

... use your local library. So few people do anymore.

... get eight hours of sleep, though I never do.

...keep a bucket filled with candy. Cheap, good candy. It will scranch the itch.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Outfit details:
Jakk: Old Navy Kummikud: Unknown (vaata nende Amazoni lehte SIIT) - See more at:
Jakk: Old Navy Kummikud: Unknown (vaata nende Amazoni lehte SIIT) - See more at:

Jacket: Old Navy
Wellington boots: Unknown
Skirt: Burberry
Top: Versace
Nails: Avon "Plum Seduction"
"Plum Seduction"