Saturday, July 6, 2013


"Some people dream of having a big swimming pool - with me, it`s closets." (Audrey Hepburn) Let`s find out, what were the basics one of my favourite style icon was wearing.
 The Little Black Dress - Where would we be without the little black dress?

A Sleeveless Sheath Dress - Classic, classic, classic. Made for showing off tanned legs. Not too much above the knees though. In the winter, add sheer stockings and a cashmere cardigan draped around your shoulders.

The White Shirt - 100% cotton or pure silk, it can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, cropped, oversized, tied at the waist. NO epaulets, embroidery, gold buttons, or fancy stuff - you`re not in the military. Unwrinkled is best.

A Jazzy Suit - We`re talking a jacket and skirt here. It needn`t be a Paris original. Just make sure it`s a nubby material, sized to within an inch of your life, and nipped at the waist. If your mother`s got a thirty-five-year-old version from her glory days (you know the details: lined in cool silk, covered buttons, a delicate hidden chain to weight the bottom of the jacket), NAB IT!
Capri Pants - A bit of whimsy during the summer months. In the fall and winter, put them aside in favor of lean trousers fitted to your instep. 

A Dark Turtleneck - Black or navy blue, so you can make believe you`re slumming  with Fred Astaire in the Latin Quarter - even if you`re just standing in line at the post office ...

One "What The Hell" Item - To show you mean business. In her Hollywood years, Audrey wore a mink pullover, with sunglasses, a scarf around her head, and lean black trousers. Divine!

One Killer Dress - Remember the look on everyone`s face when Audrey as Sabrina shows up at the Larrabees in that Givenchy creation? You can do the same - suprise your friends: Favor khakis during the day, an evening dress to break his heart at night.

 Jeans, a Polo Shirt, Sneaks - For gardening and/or goofing around with the dogs, especially when no photographers are present. 
The Sabrina Heel - For that princess look. Worn barelegged or with sheer stockings and a sense of great expectation. 

The (Preferably Hermes) Scarf - Invest in one and tie it every which way.

Dark Sunglasses - For hiding a multitude of sins.

As Little Jewelry as Possible (Unless You`re Tagging Holly Golightly) - Make sure it`s the best you can afford. With the right attitude, though, no one will doubt your cubic zirconia`s the real thing.

A Small Dog with a wry name and Gregory Peck.

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